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Plot size:   8000 m2

plot size: 8000 m2

Land for sale of 8011 squares in the position between Ano Polydrosso and skiing centre of the mount Parnassos (Fterolakas 3,5 km). The land can be applied for E.U. funding for tourism development. It is about 8 minutes - 3,5 km from the skiing centre of Parnassos Mount-Fterolakas and about 10-15 minutes from the Polidrosso. The plot belongs to the area of the Municipality of Parnassos.The municipality of Parnassos is composed from the capital that is Polydrossos, from Eptalofos, Agoriani, Fterolakas, Lilaia and Ano Polidrossso. The plot is perfect for Hotel construction because of its location (very near to the ski centre), the nice view of the panorama, the forest and because the plot, faces the street for 154 meters. But is appropriate for house to rent complex too by building stone or wood villas and maisonettes. From the upper side for 150 metres faces the principal street that goes from Polydrosso to the ski centre.(This street remains always open during the winter by municipality of Parnassos specialized vehicles that clean the snow the land is situated in the Region of Fokida in the Municipality of Parnassos of the province of Parnassida, that its capital is, Polydrossos. It is located in the northern part of Parnassos, in the Prefecture Fokida and borders with the prefectures of Fthiotida and Viotia. The 70% of his ground are mountainous, where is developed forest, and the rest 30% is flat and is part of the broad plain area that it surrounds the Viotiko Kifiso. It has extent 90.000 acres, population 3000-3500 residents.The older name of Polydrossos, was Souvala. The word Souvala is turkish word and means "a lot of water". For other the word Souvala is slavic word, and means hollow with surroundings mountains. The walls of the ancient Phokean city of Lilaia (2 km from Polydrossos) (which was included in the "Catalogue of ships" of the iliad) were probably built in the years following the reign of Philip of Macedonia, during the reconstruction of all the Phokian acropoles. The ruins of an earlier defensive wall are preserved on the top of the acropolis hill. This might have been the fortification of Lilaia before the city was destroyed by Philip. Several parts of the ancient were remodelled and additions were made during the period of the frankish occupation (13th-14th centuries A.D.). The only monument on the site is the fortification wall of the lower city of Lilaia, dated to the end of the 4th century B.C. The wall is built in trapezoidal masonry and is reinforced with rectangular towers at intervals. The village of Polydrossos or Souvala is built in the valley of Kifissos river (of Voiotia) in the foothills of mount Parnassos and is a base of operations for the Ski-Centre of Parnassos. The road that leads to it is snakes through forests of black-pine, fir and cedar trees. At 6 km from the village we find Ano Polydrossos, a picturesque verdant settlement, built in a magical setting, with abundant waters and traditional tavernas. Southwest of the village we find a cave with natural stalactites and stalagmites. Near the springs of Kifissos river we find the ruins of a temple of unique architecture dating back to the 6th-7th c. AD. Polydrossos is a stone-throw away from the ski centre of Parnassos. Plane, elm, cherry, apple and fir trees combined with gurgling springs and waterfalls constitute a magical landscape. Is ideal for relaxing holidays throughout the year. It has a good climate, with cool summers (maximum of 30-32 celcius), about and snow in the winter, and is the ideal place for those who love peaceful as well as active holidays: skiing, hiking (on the E4 trail), climbing, mountain-biking etc. You can reach Polydrossos by train in the Lilaia station from Athens in 2 hours ( about 168 km) You can also use pulman from Athens. The distance from Polydrosso to Athens is about 180 km by car (about 1h and 50 minutes - 2 hours). But it is near to many cities that a tourist can visit, like Delphi, Gravia, Its 45 km from the city of Lamia, that has 60000 residents (30 min distance). It is 44 km from Livadeia city (23000 residents), 96 km from Nafpaktos city and 56 km from Amfissa. The 3 Parnassos Ski Center is first-generation, described as internationally.From 1977 onwards, 3 ski stations Parnassus (Fterolaka, Gerontovrachos and Cellars) make up the largest ski center in Greece with restaurants, bars, chionostrotires, clinics, group security on the tracks and first aid, ambulance services, ski equipment rental facilities , where shops are already sold Essentials and ski rental facilities , where shops are already sold Essentials and ski schools. It could be said that Ski resort Parnassos, now can be compared with the sophisticated center of Courchevel located in the French Alps. Of course, the Courchevel is located 550 km from Paris and Parnassus 190 km from Athens !!!!!!!!.... For the 2009-2010 ski season runs 25 tracks total length of about 38 km with a total capacity of 9,000 people per hour, 9 regional ski trips, 3 main communication routes to stations starting 9 connecting trails, 3 slopes for beginners with baby lift , with a strap and rolling carousel 1 exclusively for children.


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