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Terms of use of web environment

1.General conditions

1.1.The owner and operator of web environment (hereinafter web environment) is Rocketfeeds OÜ (hereinafter Ellada24), registry code 11215318, address: Spordi tee 4-49, Loo alevik, Jõelähtme vald, Harjumaa, Estonia 74201, e-mail
1.2.The terms of use are binding to Ellada24 and all of its users (hereinafter user).
1.3.Ellada24 is entitled to impose additional terms of use to certain web environment materials or subdivisions. Users shall be informed about them at the respective materials or subdivisions.
1.4.Ellada24 is entitled to change or amend the terms of use by informing the users.
1.5.Ellada24 offers to the users a web environment, i.e. a portal, where users can collect and exchange information about real estate transactions, make proposals for offers and offers for real estate transactions and use other services rendered by Ellada24.
1.6. Sale and other contracts shall be concluded between users without the intervention and mediation of Ellada24.
1.7.Exchange of all messages and information between user and Ellada24 shall be in electronic form using the contact data stated in the terms of use or the web environment, if the terms of use do not stated otherwise.
1.8.If a clause in the terms of use turns out to be contradictory to the regulations of the law, it does not affect the validity of the other terms. In case of a contradiction with the law, the law shall be applied.

2.Materials and links

2.1.The right of use and publish the materials and information displayed in Ellada24 web environment belongs to Ellada24.
2.2.Ellada24 is entitled to replace, improve, delete and change in any other way the structure, content, composition of materials and information presented in the web environment.
2.3.User is not entitled to insert to the object description other information than that describing the object. Among others it is forbidden to insert advertisements, picture logo, contacts etc to the object description. In case of the breach of these obligations Ellada24 is entitled to claim a separate fee for this kind of information as an advertisement according to a respective price list presented in the web environment.
2.4.Links to materials and services offered by third persons are displayed in the web environment. Operator of the respective web environment is responsible for these materials and services. By clicking at the linked materials the user shall leave the Ellada24 environment, different terms of use may apply at the linked website, which do not expand to Ellada24 or user.

3.The principles of processing personal data.

3.1.Ellada24 processes personal data, which the users of the web environment have transmitted to Ellada24 (in the advertisement texts etc). Transmitting personal data to Ellada24 is not compulsory, except for contact information, if for example the user wishes Ellada24 to answer an application etc.
3.2.When registering and using the web environment, the user is obligated to present personal data at his own discretion.
3.3.The user gives a consent to process personal data in the extent described in the terms of use with a purpose to ensure the quality and availability of the service, also to expand, improve, personalize and in other ways develop the services.
3.4.Ellada24 collects and saves personal data in an electronic form, doing extracts in other forms, if necessary.
3.5.Ellada24 is not obligated to preserve the personal data of the web environment users in the Ellada24 data base. Ellada24 has a right to preserve the personal data included in the advertisements during a period defined when submitting the advertisement and /or period which is necessary for fulfilling Ellada24 functions connected to respective advertisements.
3.6.Personal data is used to respond to client feedback submitters and to perform other procedures requested by the users, for example to mediate possible sellers and buyers to a certain real estate object. Personal data, which submitter has requested to receive commercial announcements, advertising materials and information about products, services and actions from Ellada24, shall be used to transmit such data.
3.7.Ellada24 shall not transmit or disclose personal data to third persons, except for in cases stated in terms of use.
3.8.Ellada24 is entitled to use the personal data itself and to transmit them to third persons selected by Ellada24 in order to cooperate, foremost to real estate companies, who contribute to services rendered by Ellada24.
3.9.Ellada24 has the right to transmit to third persons the personal data of the users, who have not paid for the services rendered and at least 30 days have passed from the due date.
3.10.If  user whishes to know, which data is included to Ellada24 data base about him or her, an inquiry may be presented to Ellada24 e-mail address stated in terms of use.
3.11.User has a right to specify and amend his or her personal data.
3.12.User has a right to retract the consent to process personal data by Ellada24 at any time, require termination of processing of the personal data, blocking or erasure of the personal data, also closing of a user’s account by presenting a respective application to Ellada24 e-mail address stated in terms of use. Withdrawal of the consent does not have retroactive force.


4.1.All the copyrights to materials presented in the web environment belong to Ellada24 or are transmitted to Ellada24 in the extent, which allow to use them in the web environment.
4.2.By transmitting works protected by copyright to the web environment the user gives Ellada24 a right to use these works and to exercise the author’s economic rights applied to works during a period these works are presented in web environment. Ellada24 has a right to use the works transmitted by the user in any way, to allow and prohibit using them, including reproduction, distribute, translate, edit, adapt, improve, modify, add them to other works, collections or data bases and transmit to public. User is liable that all conditions mentioned in this clause shall not violate the rights of third persons to the works transmitted to the web environment by the user.
4.3.User has a right to publicly use works protected by copyright presented in the web environment without the consent of Ellada24 by referring to Ellada24 as a source.

5.Final conditions

5.1.Terms of use become effective after the user has accepted them and are effective during the legal relations between user and Ellada24 regulated by the terms of use. User has a right to withdraw from the terms of use within 14 days as of accepting them, also to cancel the legal relations stated in terms of use any time performing beforehand all the obligations in front of Ellada24 and other users.
5.2.Ellada24 has a right at its own discretion limit or cancel the right of use of the web environment by the user, including change information disclosed by user or close user account and not able to register again if a user is violating terms of use or obligations arising from terms of use, if he or she has presented wrong or misleading information or in other ways is acting in bad faith.
5.3.The legal relations between user and Ellada24, which arise from using the web environment, shall be governed by the laws of Estonian Republic.
5.4.The legal disputes arising from using the web environment shall be settled by an agreement of the parties. Failing agreement, the disputes shall be settled in Harju County Court.