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Why to register as user?

As a registered user of you have the following possibilities:

  • Publish advertisements in Ellada24 website.
  • Follow the statistics of your advertisements.
  • Show your company details and have several brokers as users.
  • Make a website for your company.
  • Monitor your favourite objects.
  • Get notified about objects that might interest you.
  • Save your searches.

Advertising in Ellada24  website is effective and useful:

  • About 70% of real estate buyers use Internet.
  • You can insert maximum information about your property in our database. This helps customers to find the correct property without wasting time.
  • Your advertisement is always visible and accessible.
  • You can see exactly how many people have seen your advertisement.


You know how many people have contacted you about your ad, but it is also interesting to know how many people have seen it.
Under  the statistics function in "My Objects" you  can see the number of visits per day. If this number is big but you have not been contacted very often, then probably something in your ad is not so attractive. If the number of visits is small then it means that your ad does not appear often in the search results. In this case you should specify the details of your property.

Company Website and Brokers

If you insert your company details after registering as a user, then you have a possibility to use "My Company Website" function. It allows you to keep a database of your property offers. The contact details of the broker and the company are shown next to each object, so the customers can contact you directly. "My Company Website" displays only the details of your company and the offers inserted by your brokers. All the information about your company is in one place and the website is easily manageable. You can also give the address of this website to your customers.

Favourite Objects

There is a convenient function of saving objects, so that you can find later quickly all your favourite properties.

Notifiers and saved searches

You need to rent an apartment or buy a house, but you haven’t found anything that you like and you don’t have time to search the Internet every day? Ellada24 offers an easy solution - a function that notifies you when a property that is in accordance to your criteria is added to the database. A message will be sent to your e-mail address.
You can also save your property searches in order to return later to the objects you were interested in.