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Apartment for rent

1295 €

Chania , Akrotiri , Plaka, Leste Luxury Residences, Lilly

Floors:   1
Living rooms:   1
Size:   75 m2
Property condition:   New
Constructed in:   2008
Min. price per day:   185 €
Min. price per week:   1295 €

1 floors, 1 living rooms, size: 75 m2, bedrooms: 2, bathrooms: 1, environment: sea, distance: 1500 m, neighbours: around, roads: paved, location: inside village, buildings: private houses, property condition: new, constructed in: 2008, min. price per day: 185 €, min. price per week: 1295 €

Built in 2008, in the west residential web of the village, Leste consists of six (6) autonomous residences fully equipped, to offer accommodation all the year and provide the guests a comfortable stay in a familiar and friendly environment. As if you were in your own village, in a cosy, hospitable place, you will feel safe to enjoy your stay, basking by the atmosphere of tranquility, comfortable elegance and companionship.

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Price 1295 €

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